Noida Extension Flat Owners & Members Association


During the meeting with Mr. Rama Raman, CEO, GNIDA ,he told us that he had a meeting with Ms Naini Jaisheelan, secreatary,NCRPB on 15th May and cleared all objections regarding master plan with her.She assured him to pass it very soon. But unfortunately she had to go to out of country ( Harward for a training prog) and she instructed Mr Rajeev Malhotra, Chief Regional Planner, NCRPB to work on this. But we all observed that file was lying there at NCRPB since then.
We doubt…….This may be a payoff case……..

As Ms Naini Jaisheelan, secreatary,NCRPB has come back, Mr Rama Raman will meet her on Monday with reply letter dated 15.6.2012 to objection made on 6.6.2012 by NCRPB .The letter was also shown to us in our meeting.He also told us that Ms Naini Jaisheelan is very serious about approving the master plan. So, lets see what happens next…


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