Noida Extension Flat Owners & Members Association

Dear Buyers,

As all you are aware that Super tech & Earth has sent so many cancellation to so many buyer & discussed as below:

SUPERTECH…Yesterday Met with Mr Guneet Singh Sodhi(agm-Crm) & raised the issue of cancellation which has been earlier sent to so many buyers & requested on below points:

1.10% of BSP must be adhere as per policy

2. Buyers who have paid up to Rs20000/- less amount as per allotment letters should not be canceled but charge interest on them.

Regarding all these points he said to talk with the management & said to wait for two days.

EARTH INFRA….Today met with Bhushra Aslam(Associate Vice President) along with the effected buyers & discussed about the cancellation & 2 cases she has taken & assure to reply very shortly besides this issue of one buyer will considered after 2 day days when the meeting of management will be finalized & a universal policy will be made for all buyers.

But after all the discussion as I have noted that this Earth has no policy for buyers so all buyers please update if any one who is effected please send your details at
If in case of any query you are free to call at NEFOMA.

Sanjay Nailwal


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