Noida Extension Flat Owners & Members Association

Meeting with buyers

Dear Buyers,

Today, we had a meeting with Mr. Anil Sharma, Vice-President, CREDAI-NCR. Mr. Anil Sharma thankd to all buyers & asked for mutual co-operation and co-ordination. We at NEFOMA also thanked him on behalf of all buyers to keep his wording as a CREDAI official. Mr Sharma updated with the following outcome of CREDAI meeting-

1. All builders have agreed not to increase price for existing buyers.
2. Terms & conditions of the agreement will remain same which were mentioned previously.
3. Ajnara builder is not going to scrap villa project of noida extension. Ajnara should construct at least that number of villas which has been booked by bonafide buyers.
4. On FAR issue, he said common facilities should be maintained by each builder and they won’t be compromised. Also, technical feasibility will be checked of already built up towers before adding floors on that.
5. Green area should be verified with the respective builder, it should be same as committed at the time of booking. He added there is norm of GNIDA on the same so builders have to follow that.
6. Construction quality will be maintained so there is no compromise on that.
7. No project will be scrapped of noida extension and builders shall deliver as per their promised.
8. There is no delay in construction because of any issue like bank approval or any other builders have started arranging raw material & man power. So once it is done they will start construction.
9. Registry can be done at the time of possession wiout any problem.
10. Most of non-CREDAI members are also agreed to obey CREDAI guidelines.
11. CREDAI has asked list of bonafide buyers whose issues are not addressed by respective builders and have paid minimum 10% of the price mentioned in their agreement.

Thanking you.

On behalf of NEFOMA (Noida Extension Owners & Members Association)


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