Noida Extension Flat Owners & Members Association

Today, we Noida Extension Flat Owners and Members Association (NEFOMA) & some Flat Owners had a Meeting with Mr. Manoj Gaur, Precident CREDAI NCR and M.D. Gaursons India and we discussed the following issues within their company Gaur City
1 and Gaur City 2 and in general talked upon issues of Greater Noida West.

We discussed following major issues within Gaur City:

Cancellation done by Gaur City on 10% or more of BSP paid even loan was sanctioned.
Interest demand.
Interest demand of Zero period.
FAR, NOC and layout change.
Possession date.

On the above point they replied us the following:

All buyers are treated as defaulter who has not paid their demand issued before June 1st 2011.
All cancellation done by Gaur City are being considered for revival based upon genuine cases in which customer was really willing to continue his flat. Also if loan was sanctioned/in process, but demand was not paid due to bank disbursement those cases are also considered for revival.
Interest is being demanded by Gaur from the defaulter buyers.
Interest demand of Zero period from defaulter buyers.
FAR, NOC and layout change is there on gaur city but that is needed for the company.
Possession date will be increased by approximate 22 months from last committed date.

For general Mr. Manoj Gaur talked as CREDAI NCR President, assured us that their association will take appropriate action against CREDAI NCR members who don’t follow the guidelines of associations. But for that they have some procedures on the basic of that they can take action. NEFOMA will guide to its members to follow that procedure against those builders so that CREDAI NCR heads can take appropriate action against those builders.


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