Noida Extension Flat Owners & Members Association


Fight for our homes is a resource for those members  who have booked flat in Noida Extention , Utter Pradesh .

This site is open to anyone. We want to provide a forum for discussion, information and assistance where possible. We will make available as much information as possible on the different  Project in Noida Extension Areas, where, when and how. What developments are proposed , what ‘s the status of construction , what is doing  Local Authority for Noida Extention , we will try to give all updates to our members .

Help people who are concerned about any of these developments find assistance by listing contact details of groups nearest to them that can provide assistance. We invite you to contact us with questions and suggestions, and to send in any information that you may find disturbing about goings on in your project  that seem a little unusual. The idea is to build a site together and have a common voice, aiding each other by sharing information and experience.


Comments on: "Home" (6)

  1. Dear Nefoma Member

    Some of the NEFOMA member who has registered with NEFOMA not geting SMS(unable to receive SMS) kindly send SMS “STOP” to “1909”

  2. medha nand jha said:

    nice step………

  3. We Should wake up and fight for our is now or never

  4. plannning Board will take decision in next 3-4 months.Everbody cheated us

  5. Please keep me updated through mail or SMSs for any development or activity of the association,

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